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Taifeng Overview

 Sichuan Taifeng Group Co., Ltd., established in 1997 in Zigong, Sichuan Province, is headquartered in Chengdu, China. Starting from the business of trade, Taifeng Group has set foot in the real estate and then gradually to the mining industry. It has now established the strategy with the leading of international mining development to drive the development of real estate, industrial manufacturing and other downstream industries.
 The Group has formed a cross-sectoral and inter-regional chain business model, and has grown into a transnational private enterprise group with diversified and multi-filed development in mining, international trade, and real estate, the 40 branches and subsidiaries under which are scattering over Perth in Australia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming and other placeswith more than 2,000 staffs.
 Among Taifeng's businesses, mining and international trade is of great importance. In early 2004,Taifeng Investment Co. Ltd.'s purchase of copper ore in Daye, Hubei Province was taken as a prelude to the mining development, which has been carried forward on a sustainable development road by the signing of a cooperation agreement between HuangshiPanlong New Mining Co., Ltd. controlled by Taifeng Groupand Hunan Chenzhou Mining Development Co. Ltd. on June 2008. In November 2009, Hong Kong TaifengYuanchuang International Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sichuan Taifeng Group, invested 47.1 million Australian dollars in the joint venture with Australian listed company IMX Resources Limited and signed the iron-copper project development agreement, which is a milestone of Taifeng's step to go abroad and achieve international development. On January 9, 2011, the first shipment of mined ore arrived in Yingkou Liaoning Province, where Taifeng invested in YingkouTonggang Australian Mineral Processing Co., Ltd. Program as a supporting project for Cairn Hill Project, mainly for the further processing of ROM of Cairn Hill in order to produce iron concentrate powder and by-products of copper concentrate powder and sulfur concentrate powder with acceptable quality. The Iron Ore Project with Australian listed company Ferrowest Limited is about to be under construction. The mining and international trade of Taifeng Group has already formed a sound industrial chain, laying a solid foundation for the international development of Taifeng Group.
 Real estate development is the company's core industry. Founded under Taifeng Group in 2001 as an enterprise with the State Second-Grade Real Estate Development Qualification, TaifengReal Estate Company's development projects cover super Class-A office buildings, high grade office buildings, convention and exhibition centers, shopping malls, Digital Harbor, and large residential communities. Upholding the concept of "Quality Creates Enjoyable Life", Taifeng Real Estate has always strived to lay emphasis of real estate development on the operation of city, setting a new high in urban development and interpreting the new concept of livable urban life through insightful comprehension of integrated urban planning, construction and management.  Development projects such as South Lake Impression, Imperial House,Singapore Garden, Milan Spring, and Eastern Venice have consummated the ideas of "Big City Construction" and "the Building of Central City in South Sichuan Province" put forward by the Party Committee and People's Government of Zigong city. On the other hand, Taifeng Building, Renrenle Plaza, and Taifeng International•South Lake Luxury, through the forms of building economy and urban complex, have played a role in strengthening the soft power of the city and improving its service function, fundamentally improving the environment for investment, and promoting regional economic development. At the same time, Taifeng Real Estate also actively expands other domestic markets. The Aerospace Science and Technology Building where the headquarters of Taifeng Group is located to the south of Tianfu Square at the center of Chengdu CBD was completed and went into operation in 2010, providing high-end service to business clients from around the world in accordance with international standards. Located at Luomashi of Qingyang District of Chengdu, Taifeng International Plaza under construction is going to be another landmark commercial building of international level in Chengdu CBD. Other projects such as TaifengBinhai International City in Yingkou, Liaoning Province, and TaifengDongpo International Cultural City in Meishan, Sichuan Province, are all under development and construction.
 Industry is another priority in Taifeng's development. Taifeng acquired and established Zigong No.1 Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2003, a key and major enterprise in developing and manufacturing small-scale air-separationequipments, small-scale high-pressure gas compressors, and military air source equipments, thus forming a beginning of the Group's industry chain and marking a big step forward towards a collectivized development of manufacturing industry. In October 2011, TaifengYuanchuang Development Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Taifeng Group, purchased the equity of Singapore Shizheng Co. Ltd., and substituted it as the largest shareholder of Sichuan Glass Co. Ltd.. And on January 7, 2012, Sichuan Yaotai Curtain Wall Engineering Co. Ltd. was established under TaifengYuanchuang Investment and Development Co. Ltd. and went into operation against the strong strength of Sichuan Glass Co. Ltd. in technology research and development, its domestic and overseas marketing network and brand influence. The company, in addition to vigorous engagement in innovation of processing equipments and technological process with its perfect quality assurance system and decades of production experiences, actively develops all kinds of deep-processing glass products demanded by the market, and endeavors to provide the clients with high-quality deep-processing glass products.
 Taifeng Group, since its establishment has been developing rapidly, with increasing social influence and brand value. Mr. Song Yuangang, Chairman of Taifeng Group, accompanied Chinese President Hu Jintao and the Delegation of Chinese Entrepreneurs to attend the APEC Summit in Peru,Singapore and Hawaii respectively in November 2008, November 2009, and November 2011 and accompanied Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping and the Delegation of Chinese Entrepreneurs to visit four European countries in March 2010. In January 2011, the Australian Ambassador to China came to Chengdu One Aerospace Center, the headquarters of Taifeng Group and visited Taifeng's real estate projects in Zigong, and in April 2011, Australian Prime Minister during his visit in China granted an interview with Song Yuangang in Beijing.
 The Group has achieved quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification, has been rated as "Reliable and Credible Enterprise" by Provincial or Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce for eight consecutive years, has been rated as "Trustworthy Quality Enterprise" by the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau for eight consecutive years,as "AAA" Credit Enterprise by Agricultural Bank of China for eight consecutive years, has been rated as "Good Faith Enterprise" in Sichuan Finance Association and awarded with the title of "Chinese Good Faith Brand", and has grown into one of the top 100 of the first most growth-oriented SMEs in Sichuan. In 2011, the trademark of Taifeng Group has been awarded famous Trademark of Sichuan Province.
 Mr. Song Yuangang as the Chairman of Taifeng Group has won many honorary titles such as "China Outstanding Private Entrepreneur", "Ten Outstanding Young Private Entrepreneurs in Sichuan Province", "Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs in Sichuan Province", "Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Salt City", and "Model Worker in Zigong City", and has served many social functions such as the vice president of the China Non-Governmental Enterprise Directors Association, executive director of the Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association, vice president of Zigong Federation of Commerce and Industry, president of Zigong Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Commerce and Industry of Chengdu City, and president of Zigong Yong Entrepreneurs Association.
 Taifeng's adherence to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, unity, innovation, and efficiency", emphasis on the construction of enterprise culture and arduous efforts in building an excellent team enable itself to establish and keep improving a whole set of system and mechanism for human resource development, allocation, training, motivation, promotion, management and assessment, with the age pattern of its personnel from 20 to 50, majoring in a wide variety of fields such as mining development and production, real estate, investment, business management, and marketing. Such superior resourceintegration capability, profound experiences in responding to the market, professional operating practices,rigorous and comprehensive planning, and strong executive team keep pushing Taifengforward for a better and sounder development.
 Taifeng's adherence to the belief of requiting society, active participation in undertakings for social welfare and Glorious Cause, and paying conscious attention to social progress and culture development has won itself a good corporate reputation. Over the years, Taifeng has donated more than tens of millions to those public undertakings in various regions, for hope projects, workers and students in unfavorable situation.
 With the company motto being "harvest comes from hard effort, credibility is prior to every other factor", Taifeng will adopt a more open approach to sincerely corporate with partners from home and abroad, and march forward hand in hand with those investors and clients that have confidence in Taifeng, striving to become a prominent multinational conglomerate.

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